Is your band better than the rest? Well heres your chance to prove your band really is!!
$5,000.00 in prizes is up for grabs and if you think thats going to be shared between 2nd and 3rd GUESS AGAIN!??!!

1 winner is all there is. Hey look at the name of the competition. It don't say Im 2nd better.

So download the entry form,send it in by post with a cd and brief bio along with the entry fee of $25 and make history.

The comp is held at the Marquise O'Lorne Hotel,Lambton,NSW thats Newcastle if your out of the area starting 1st October 2005 with finals around February 2005. This venue has been behind the original music scene for over 20 years and great names such as The Screaming Jets cut there teeth here.

City Music Productions recording prize. Spellbound Studio rehearsal package. Cash prize from Tatoos on Beaumont Triton copy Center printing package. Drum Shop and Musos Corner pack !!


Independent Musos Network have joined us by offering the following bonus prize. 12mnths access to Network, 12mths mentor development, 12 mnths business development and a website with hosting and design.

Total value is a staggering $3,000.00 this brings the total first and only prize pool to a staggering $8,000.00 IF YOUR THE BEST!!!!






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