Hugh Gordon has been entertaining audiences across Australia for over 20 years. His repotoire is said to be one of the largest, over 1,000 songs, playing everything from Oz rock to Jazz swing.

He spent three years in Europe honing his skills and developing his art. It was during this time he gathered influences from the world music stage and added these to his growing song list.

A guitarist with international qualities Hugh also matches his playing with a vocal strength of equal proportions. It has been written that Hugh's love for life and music comes through with every performance and can only be considered as infectious.

Hugh also performs in a Duo with Dave Evans and a trio with Bruce bews on percussion. Dave Evans is a classiclly trained guitarist and draws extra influences from Santana, Dire Straits and Tommy Emmanuel. Bruce Bews plays everything from a standard drum kit to bongos, shakers and afrikaan drums.

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