By The Numbers

By The Numbers are and innovative and exciting group
of talented musicians who hail from Newcastle.

Although predominantly instrumental, the band has diverse musical inspirations, ranging from The Cat Empire through to Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters to John Scofield, with a bit of Herbie Hancock thrown in.

The goal of the band is to feature musical interaction and improvisation. Every live show is a different experience with
no one tune being played the same time twice."

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By The Numbers
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Being professional musicians, everyone in the band has done their time in the Australian music scene and have toured, recorded and shared the stage with over 100 different artists including; Afro Moses, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd, Bad Mamma Jamma, Mojo, Retro Jet, The Clashtones, Rubix Cuba,  Turnaround, Rattlesnake Rockers,  Andy Firth Big Band, Rubicon, Australian Army Band Newcastle, Lamplight,  The Suited Connectors, Belly Crawler, Sam Boon Quartet and The Looks, to name just  a few.

Co-led by Terry McLeod on Sax, vocals and harmonica and Marty Rotolo on Guitar and percussion, the band features the talents of Barnaby Briggs on Electric Bass and Gavin Hodge on Drums.