Doc Parker and Code Blue

Doc Parker and Code Blue are the newest blues sensation in the Hunter Region. Playing rock and blues classics from artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Bo Diddley and many other artists.

Doc Parker wows his audiences with  many of his own original rock and blues numbers. With members from all over the Hunter Region and even from Canberra, DOC PARKER and CODE BLUE are set to play any gig in any atmosphere.

Doc Parker and Code Blue look forward to meeting you at a gig in the near future.  

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Doc Parker  and Code Blue consist of Doc, his two sons Dylan and Heath, Dean Garner and Gregg Telian. Doc has been writing blues music for over 40 years and is a skilled band leader, having his sons in the band allows him to really ‘rock steady’ because he knows they’ve got his back wherever the music may take him.

A skilled blues harp player, Doc Parker creates a sound unique to his own style of blues. With screaming guitar licks, funky bass breaks, scandalous sax wails and dizzy drum solos Doc Parker and Code Blue fill any room with an exciting and revolutionary atmosphere.

DDoc Parker and Code Blue are currently in the studio working on their upcoming maiden album which will surely be a treat for all blues lovers!  The album will be out in early 2009 bringing in the New Year with some hard driving, gritty and gut wrenching blues numbers to salivate over the moment the ‘play’ button is pressed on your stereo!

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