Finn - Rythem and Blues

Finn are a funky rhythm and blues band, who plays a wide range of crowd grabbing standards, peppered with provocative originals.

The Band is made up of seasoned professional performers with innumerable recording and Major Tour credits, the Band has been performing for six years and in that time they have produced 4 cd’s and are currently working on the fifth.

Finn have performed at almost every major blues festival in Australia and are constantly touring the country.
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Finn - Rhythm and Blues

The band have also had successful tours in SE Qld, South-Western NSW and Thredbo, the Bridgetown Blues festival in W.A, and as support to Lynwood Slim at the Perth Blues Club and have performed at Bimbadgen Blues Festival, The Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn 3 times, Broadbeach blues Festival, Woodstock Festival plus South West Sydney Blues festival.

Their first cd no relation was recorded from may to June 2000 at A# sharp studios and released in October of that year. 2003 saw the release of ‘that ain’t the blues’ and the single ‘live in fear’, which featured on Rage throughout the year. September ‘04 ’bush bashin’ was released a joint CD with Ross Ward. 

Finn - Rhythm and BluesAs winners of the SBS performers of the year, Finn went to Memphis to compete in the IBC in Feb. ‘05, and are looking to return in 2006.

Finn are joined on Stage by guest vocalists and instrumentalists to augment the sound in larger venues. Finn are.

  • Jim Finn vocals and drums

  • Michael Lynch bass, mandolin,
    harp and vocals

  • Paul Surany guitar and vocals

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Band Chronology

September 99
Band began rehearsal. line up Jim Finn vocal, drums. Shayne Barry - Guitar / vocal. Simon Murray – guitars. Michael Lynch – Bass /mandolin.
May to June 00

First cd no relation recorded. band line up as above additional musicians being, backing vocals, Cora James, Cathi LeHermia and Toni Swain, keys Carolyn Packer. Al Britton Bass. Rapper ‘Roams’ Warm Sydney Nites.
October 00

Launch of the 14 track CD “no relation” at the Bridge Hotel in Sydney.
August 02

Interim cd in "live at Helensburgh" Line up Jim Finn vox/ drums Shane Barry guitar/vox Gerry Holmgren guitar, Bill Crossland bass b/vox, Janet Levy - sax.
June 03

Released "that ain't the blues" and the single ‘live in fear’, which featured on Rage. This album was recorded by Jim and Shane in Smiths Lake NSW and mixed at A# Sharp with Jeff Cripps assisting.
November 03

The Band made the short list for the IBC awards NSW.
January 04

3rd studio album 'bush bashin' started, with Ross Ward. (Ross helped band out with tour in Jan. after Death of founding member Shayne Barry).
September 04

’bush bashin’ released.
February 05

Winners of the SBS performers of the year went to Memphis to compete in the IBC.
January 06

Begin recording Stop Ya Bitchin’, it’s all too late
October 06 and beyond

Release of SYB

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Jim Finn -
Jim began playing drums at age 5 in pipe band in Adelaide  and d id first professional gig at 11 playing with father's ceili band (Irish folk music.)  Left Adelaide at 20 and ventured to Sydney with rock band `Stray Dogs'. Band Split after 12 months. Jim moved to Perth for 18 months toured the West in a band called the Gunners, with Alan Roberts then owner of the Bondi Lifesaver.

Toured Northern Australia doing gigs and workshops, in remote areas and Aboriginal reserves, in northern territory . Recorded single `Daddy's Cadillac' with `Undercovers'  (Gavin Hamilton the boy who shot Skippy and John Carlini) which was played on 2ws and nearly resulted in `Jonno and Danno' being kicked off air for playing music not on recommended play list.

Played for 2 years with Doug Williams's band. 3 years with Bridie and the boogie kings. including Thredbo and  Narooma festival performances.  2 years with Chris Turner.

Performed at Byron Bay blues Festival with Lonesome boogie. Backed Phyllis Diller. William Shakespeare. Recorded with Wendy Saddington, Kate Dunbar, Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Roadnight, Sally King, John Power and Don Hopkins Al Britton Dennis Aubrey, Cora James Peter Head, to name a few.

Runs the muso's Jam, at the Empire hotel for the last 15 months, played with featured artists like Robert Susz, Wayne Jury and Darren Jack Chris Turner and Steve Garry. Has worked with just about everyone else, playing all sorts of music from Jazz to reggae to rock in the last 30 years.

Run the highly successful show band `Sons of beaches', who were one of the first cover bands to get major sponsorship outside the tobacco and alcohol industry. (Cables Fun Park, part of the Panthers group.)

Jim has also been leading his own band `Finn', singing, writing, playing drums and producing 3 studio cd's with 4 on the way and has taken the band to Memphis as winners of the 2004 SBS performer of the year.

Performed with band at Bridgetown Blues festival, Australian Blues Fest Goulburn (3 times closing the festival last year). Bimbadgen blues festival, South Western Sydney Blues festival. Helensburgh bush fire appeal. Been running the flamin' beauties cover band for the last 15 years as a sideline.  President of the blues society for 2 years. Ran company Finnrow records, which were instrumental in bringing US, act Convertible Blondes to Aust. and got them to 46 on the Aria top 100 chart.

Jim's company `front room records' are currently producing albums for three other acts at present, Dennis Aubrey, Lindsay and Trip. and has recorded tracks for Toni Swain, and the odd CD mastering project including `cooking' by Adam Pringle and Chris Mawer.