Frank Macias and
Los Amigos

Listening to Los Amigos is like hearing a global cocktail of Blues & Roots music. Existing in the space between then and now their music somehow ties the tradition together while placing their own unique stamp and personality on it.

And in the tradition of the greatest Blues artists, Frank Macias (lead vocals) sings his truths straight to your face, with no apologies or hesitation and a commitment to excellence above all.

Frank Macias is one of those rare artists who has it all; great singer, songwriter and artist who’s got his whole game down tight. It’s clear that he’s someone who doesn’t think in terms of limits, but one instead who sees everything being possible for his music and his career.

He concludes, “I work really hard on my music and I see it as it being the fun music of today – a great soul vibe and something you can dance to. I’m just making sure to give the people what they want.”

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Frank Macius and Los Amigos

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Los AmigosNow residing in Australia for the past 15 years, Frank finds himself surrounded by some of the best musicians he has ever had the pleasure of playing with – his AMIGOS!  Grant Burkitt on harmonica and slide guitar - who Frank finds one of the most lovable and musical Blues-Men to come into his life. Grant works with him to become part of the history of the blues here in Australia. 

Chris Masuak on bass guitar - who is amazed at his talents and fascinated with the solidness that this guitarist brings to the bass hailing from the world famous Radio birdman and The Hitmen. All Frank can say is “thank you for bringing all the experience, white wine, homeopathy and friendship.  It’s great to play with someone of your calibre and humanity”.

Lyndall McGrath on percussion - who found Frank on the top of a mountain looking down to the bottom of the ocean and feeling like the whole world was lost because some people can’t understand what being the Blues is all about and what it can do to a man when he loses those he loves the most because he ain’t nothing but the blues.  Now managing the band, Lyndall is proud of the man she calls “The Blues” and together the dynamic duo -partners in music and harmony - create an experience of Americana and Australiana Blues to remember, have a dance and a drink and let your spirit run free.

Like many great artists in the Blues tradition, Frank Macias was first exposed to music through the streets of his hometown and his family. His father, Frank Macias Snr. was well known in San Antonio, Texas, for his energetic act, which featured a young Frank performing on guitar.

But despite being a family of faith, Frank’s father left the home when Frank was thirteen and Frank was soon contending with the messy aftermath. As he remembers, “I don’t talk about those years much, but let’s just say it was then that I knew the man I did not want to become.” Despite challenges at home, Frank went off to join the US Navy.

He knew his calling when the Executive Officer of the USS Missouri supplied the band that Frank was leading with a $20,000 PA system and their own rehearsal room to play for the troops at re-fuelling and those going to and coming back from the first Gulf War. After his time in the US Navy Frank stayed in California - walking the streets and playing the blues. He returned to Texas to visit family and friends and continue his musical education in the Texas Blues Scene.

Always with the inspiration of his mother in his heart, Frank stepped back to where he started. Frank has been building up his fan base through playing shows, but it’s clear that his ambition is enormous. “I want to be an international musicaian,” he declares. “I’ve always been a leader so the approach I have in music is to treat people the right way so they’ll respect you and want to work within a universal dream.” His attention to detail is meticulous: “I scrutinize every piece of everything and I do everything professionally.”