Howard Glazer
and the EL 34s

Howard Glazer has performed extensively both nationally and internationally including festivals/tours in the USA, Japan, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, England, Germany, Poland, Canada and The Czech Republic, among others.

Howard’s debut release Brown Paper Bag on Random Chance garnered national and worldwide attention in both reviews and radio airplay and charted at number 19 on the Living Blues National radio charts.

Bob Godwin on bass and Steve Kohn on drums, hot as the EL34 power tube they are named for, provide the rhythmic muscle to this power trio format.

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Howard Glazer Bio

Howard has shared the bill with many greats including: Johnny Winter, B.B. King, Savoy Brown and David “Honeyboy” Edwards to name a few. Howard was just recently (Jan 08) performing in The UK.

Howard Glazer has recently release Liquor Store Legend his second CD on the NYC based Random Chance Records. On Liquor Store Legend Howard Glazer continues to draw from his varied musical background to create a powerful blend of serious blues, rock and acoustic compositions, yielding an uncompromising sound fans have grown to expect, new listeners will be sure to enjoy and the Motor City is proud to call its own.

 Howard was nominated for two 2008 Detroit Music Awards being the Outstanding Instrumentalist in the Blues/R&B category and Outstanding Artist in the Blues/R&B Cateory.

Howard has recently received endorsements from Stan Hinesley Handcrafted Pickups, GHS Strings, Ohlinger & Sons Amplifiers and Rocktron. Howard has also been voted “Best Guitarist” by the Detroit Metro Times.

Howard Glazer Rockin' Detroit bluesHoward Glazer
by George Fish

August 10, 2008

Howard Glazer and the EL 34s
Liquor Store Legend
Random Chance RCD33

Howard Glazer and the EL 34s released Liquor Store Legend, the band's latest release on Random Chance. Liquor Store Legend is 13 tracks of original blues, rock and blues-rock written by Glazer, with plenty of creative lyrical twists and adapted musical inflections that range from Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival and 1950s rock 'n' roll to a variety of traditional and modern blues styles.

Howard Glazer and the EL 34s is a full-sounding trio of Glazer on electric, acoustic, resonator and lap steel guitars; Bob Godwin, electric and acoustic basses; and Charles Stuart, drums, congas and percussion; with the addition here of Larry Marek, organ on three tracks (especially powerful on "Wonder Why") and on background vocals of four tracks.

The opening title track is an unusual braggadocio of being a real pro at buying alcohol at the liquor store, while "Power" is a psychedelic blues-rock protest that calls for speaking out on injustice that reminds this writer musically of the Doors. "Gas Pump Blues" is another protest song that was composed in those "halcyon" days of 2007, when gas was only around $3 a gallon -- made even more timely and relevant today when gas is over $4 a gallon and predicted to go much higher!

Glazer's lyrics on these last two songs are eloquently left wing, and are adapted well to their musical forms. Indeed, Howard Glazer is a poet who works within the blues, rock and blues-rock genres, something demonstrated throughout on Liquor Store Legend.Howard Glazer

The 7-minute, 9-second next-to-last track, "Bar Fly Boogie," is a display case for the band's excellent playing, a resonator guitar-driven rocker built around the Z.Z. Topp "Lagrange"/John Lee Hooker "Boogie Chillun" riff with a wah-wah pedal elecritc guitar solo from Glazer, electric bass solo from Bob Godwin, and drum solo from Charles Stuart. Then, moving from this display of prowess from the whole band, Liquor Store Legend ends simply but appropriately on a resonator guitar-and-vocal traditional blues solo from Glazer himself, "Next Train Out."

Glazer is a masterful guitarist whose deep-voice vocals are expressive and solidly done, and complemented nicely by the rhythm section of Godwin and Stuart. Further, every song on Liquor Store Legend is different from the others. A substantive exercise throughout in blues and rock that demonstrates that Howard Glazer and the EL 34s have taught that old blues dog some nifty new tricks.

So, from backing the traditional blues of Young to laying down top-notch contemporary blues-inflected rock and blues-rock, Howard Glazer and the EL 34s present us with the delightful musical side of the Motor City in two memorable, listener-friendly CDs that demonstrate compelling all-round artistry, versatility and soul. Good blues news indeed!