Indiana Phoenix
Brian Cain has played harmonica since he was 12 spending his school days in southern areas of London in the UK and moving to Australia in 1969 at the age of 16. Brian developed a style to play in heavy boogie and rock bands as he has little heart to play other modes of blues. 

He still plays a lot of acoustic blues but his heart lies with heavy boogie influenced by bands such as ZZ top, Johnny Winter,
Status Quo, Little Richard and Joe Cocker.

Brian plays at least 3 times a week, plus rehearsal with many different bands rock, soul, blues,jazz as well as his own band
playing cross harp in all. He also tutors harp and has many local students and heaps of on line students from all over the world

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During the 70s and 80s Brian Cain had the nickname Cowboy, this was actually given to him by members of the motor cycle club he was a member of in the early 70s and carried across to a band stage name with Adelaide bands The Others and Terra Firma.

Brian was never fond of the name as a stage name as it sounded a bit country and Brians bands could hardly be considered country. On the wall to the entry hall in his home hangs his family coat of arms traced back to the 11th century when his ancestors were fighting the holy wars in the middle east, it just happens to be the phoenix rising.

Indiana Phoenix now meant something to him and the band name Indiana Phoenix was />
Brian has a long history in music becoming a roadie for Adelaide bands such as The Bucket and Marshall Mainline in the early seventies. Joined Adelaide band The Others as vocalist in 1979 with the stage name Cowboy for 2 years and recording the album Collectors Item in 1980. Brian formed the band Terra Firma in October 1982 gigging the Adelaide scene for 4 years. Brian recorded EP Power Blues in 1986 with Adelaide band The Giants with Stan Koritni and John Freeman x Mickey Finn and Ross Brennan and Sam Giancaspro of Adelaide band The Icemen.

He has played with a myriad of people and bands over the last 20 years in Australia and overseas and bless Phil Manning for helping Brian develop and keep the art alive especially during the years of the disco onslaught when loud RnB bands struggled to survive. Highly respects the harp playing of Magic Dick of American 'The J Geils band' and Paul Jones of the British London based 'The Blues Band'.