Le' Toot

Le Toot Jazz Ensemble is a well known jazz band that that plays a wide variety of music for practically any occasion such as dances, weddings, parties, corporate events, jazz festivals-in fact, any kind of event that would be enhanced by the music as played and sung by the Toot.

The band normally functions as a 5 piece unit comprised of trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass and drums. Smaller groups such as 3 or 4 piece can also be available if requested.

LeToot Ensemble: Timeless music
played by ageless musicians.

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Le Toot Ensemble - Band members

  • James (Jimmy) Lyons plays trumpet, The trumpet leads the jazz ensemble with great credibility and his knowledge and expertise is obvious, not only on stage, but behind the scenes as well.
  • Warren Shaw is the man who plays the soprano and tenor saxophones and shares the frontline with James.
  • Colin “Colly “ Hanson plays piano and shares vocal duties. Colin is is the quintessential
    jazz piano player influenced by greats such as Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton,
    Hoagie Carmichael and the composers of the great American song book. Colin is the frontline players best friend with a constant feed of great musical backing.
  • Christopher John Dawson plays bass and sings a song occasionally. C.J is an international person of music. Born in England, schooled in New Zealand and now pays tax in Australia. Chris was a rock and roller in his youth, playing electric bass and guitar, but is now an accomplished orchestral and jazz double bass man. Helps Colin with the intricate chord patterns which provide the skeleton of every arrangement.
  • Bruce McIntire: Drums and Humorous Recitations - Bruce was a fill in drummer for the Toot but is now “ The Man” since the sad passing of long time member Mal Hansen. Bruce
    reckons he has not replaced Mal but, is just looking after the gig for him. Anyway, Bruce is an exciting drummer and along with Col and Chris, provides a solid Rhythm Section for James and the other members to strut their stuff.