Pete Hawkes

A composer with the ability to transcend several musical genres and yet stay firmly focused within his own perceived sound.

The word 'genius' I have always reserved for the greats like Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Richard Thompson and Louie Armstrong, but given the diversity, variation, number of musical genres, and the prolific number of high quality, original compositions of all styles of music Pete has put out, and continues to produce every year, not to mention a back catalogue of finely crafted original songs (that always have something unique to say about the human condition), it's hard not to use the word for him here as well.

If he is not a genius then he is certainly one of Australia's most creative and interesting composers for acoustic music to emerge in the last decade”

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Pete Hawkes Bio

Pete Hawkes“On a Pete Hawkes album you will find airs, reels and Celtic influenced pieces; Delta Blues and a cleverly written neo classical piece that just oozes Russia. It also includes some very finely arranged and well-executed jazz.  If that doesn't take your fancy then you can always listen to Pete's beautiful arrangements of some great classical guitar standards or alternatively relax with the innovative Cello compositions. Dig ragtime? then you have it.

In fact there is so much here, in this record you need to listen to it a few times to digest all the ideas and nuances on the disk” Pete Hawkes is one of the most important figures in contemporary roots music due to his melding of different styles, his capacity to write anything from delta blues to stunningly complex orchestral music and due to his radically different conceptual approach to recording.

Never really lusting for fame and fortune and remaining a composer rather than entertainer, Hawkes actively sought to negate the opportunities for stardom when they came, preferring to play small clubs and venues and spend his time writing his often complex and ‘bitterly beautiful’ compositions as many describe them.