Phil Edgeley

Phil Edgeley loves playing guitar and singing his songs and now couldn’t imagine his life without it. His songs are direct and stripped bare to reveal the plain truths as he see’s them, studies and observations that are both incisive, sensitive and lyrical.

Phil draws on experiences from a lifetime or two he had before he came to the music. Learning fingerstyle guitar, slide technique and playing in open-tunings, he has developed a live performance style that is both dynamic & intense.

Phil uses his honest vocal style to tell of the joy and the pain of what life brings and takes away. 

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"Masterful guitarist and songwriter who performs with great heart and passion"
Jim Conway

Pleasure to catch you live - "Then And Now"
is a gem that belongs in all blues lovers' collection of music! .... oozing with honesty, integrity, and authentic Blues sounds!
Henry Correy

NNew album is a step up – in a different league! Great songs and overall sound… David Churchill – luthier
Phil recorded his debut CD – This Life in 2005.
It contained ten original compositions and he promoted that throughout Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, and further into Northern NSW and Queensland.

Playing the pubs, clubs and festival circuits, supporting local and international artists such as Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Ash Grunwald, Ian Moss, Jeff Lang, Backsliders, Bondi Cigars and Glen Terry and the Blues Bombers just to name a few. Currently, Phil is receiving airplay from community radio stations across Australia and New Zealand, also he has a presence on Triple J Unearthed.

Two yeaTwo years on and Phil is back with his latest release…Then and Now.
Recorded at Point Studios on the Central Coast. Then and Now contains 10 original songs and is a step up in songwriting and musicianship.

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