Scott McAllister

SCOTT McALLISTER is riding high following the launch of his debut album Love Is Easy.  The audience at the now-famous Horseshoe Bend Roundup got a bit of a shock when the spotlight went on and Scott launched himself from one of the tables in the auditorium after the first song before joining the band on stage.

Love Is Easy is a top-class CD and highlights Rob Wilson’s production (Longhorn Studios) and contribution to the line-up of musicians including Michel Rose, Mick Albeck, Peter Figures, Garry Steel and Tim Dutton.  Mastering was done by Jeff McCormack (The Music Cellar) and design by Glen Hannah (Goonga Design).

Scott started entering talent quests in 2001 and began performing weekly at the Horseshoe Bend Roundup where he developed his stagecraft alongside professional musicians and artists such as
Alby Pool, Rob Wilson, Bruce McCumstie
and Lisa White
became a regular at the Roundup and in 2003 went on to win the State section of the BBX National Singing Championships at Newcastle.

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During 2004 Scott went on the road as a featured artist in the Tivoli Tour of Queensland, working alongside former Deltone, Wayne Cornell and Brian Davies from Bandstand days. 

Scott consolidated his experience during the 2005 Tamworth Country Music Festival by winning three talent quests:  Toyota Country Music Muster (Country Rock Section), Services Club and Court House Hotel.  He then backed up by winning the Country Rock Section of the Hexham Bowling Club Country Talent Quest.

Now Newcastle-based, Scott was born in Townsville in 1979 and first began singing in the choir at school.  It’s been a long journey to his Love Is Easy album, and a fitting testament to his hard work and dedication.

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