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Do you want a band with the ultimate stage show? Well you’ve got it!!

All your favourite songs, all your favourite bands, acted out with precision in front of your very own eyes, with non stop music and mid set costume changes the show is never dull.

The Tributes are determined to give a tribute to all their favourite bands from over the years with a show that gives the audience a taste of every aspect of their favourite artists with a relaxed atmosphere a fun twist and a cheap cost.

A band with more versatility than any act to date… they cover all the greats such as Elvis, Tom Jones, Beach Boys, Blues Brothers, Meatloaf, Neil Diamond, Soul Deep, Dusty Springfield, Disco, Bee Gees, AC/DC, Greece, Rocky Horror, The Beatles and more...

If you can find a band with more dedication to quality music, presentation, and performance we suggest you hire them because it’s just doesn’t get any better than "The Tributes"






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