Nothing ever happens by chance, nothing is achieved overnight. Four years ago Wayne Cornell Jnr had an idea. He wanted to put a 10 pce swing big band together and off he went. He sought out some of the best musician's and set forth on putting the band together. After further brainstorming and digging deep into his musical roots and influences Wayne Cornell Jnr new exactly what type of music and style he wanted to go in.

A fan of some of Australia's greatest bands and songs, he took a twist with his approach, taking classic Australian mainstream radio hits (many worldwide as well) and turning them into a masterpiece of a swing big band sound.

Born into a musical family and brought up side of stage, Wayne Cornell has always had a dream to front his own big band and to keep swing alive to all music lovers. He has drawn inspiration from his Mother, Cheryl Assang, and Father, Wayne Cornell, who amongst winning MO Awards in 1994 and 1995 for best male vocalist, was also lead singer of the Delltones from 1967 to 1969.

"Ok, so which songs do we do?", he said to himself. Instead of going for the standards of yesterday and re-hashing them, he thought "I'd love to cover some of my favorite Australian bands, ones I grew up with and still listen and appreciate to this day" says Wayne.

It didn't take long for Wayne to jot down the hits "Run To Paradise" (Choirboys), "Down Under" (Men At Work), "Rush You" (Baby Animals), "Back in Black" (AC/DC), "Comin Home" (The Radiators), "Better Be Home Soon" (Crowded House/adopted Aussie band) and others.

He sought the services of Andrew Robertson a revered arranger to help him adapt these rock masterpieces into a big band sound with lots of spunk. The initial results were exactly what he wanted.

The next step was to take these adaptations and road-test them live and the response from the audience was spot on. By putting together a very slick and polished show, he had an instant fan base and punters requesting to buy the CD from here and abroad and venues starting asking for more shows.

He then pressed up copies of the CD and approached Angel Music (NSW independent retailer) and asked if they would take some stock on consignment to sell as he was playing shows in the areas of the outlets. Over a period of 12 months, four Angel Music retailers moved 4,000 units from in-store airplay only and fans from shows. Not one bit of radio airplay, not one media advertisement and they sold more than some artists who have major backing and media support. The trial test was over and Wayne was ready to move onto the next stage.

The sound of Wayne Cornell Jnr and his band, The Bad Boys Orchestra belies any age, "its timeless and ageless" says Wayne. "We can do a show and have football players who'd never get on the dance floor in their life getting down to it whilst the oldies reminisce".

"We take our music serious and we want to reach a lot of people and sell records, but ultimately we want to have a load of fun and see people with smiles on their faces", says Cornell with a cheeky glint in his eye. There are over 40 songs in the band's repertoire ranging from classics of the era to hits of the more modern times. It's stylish yet energetic and you're assured to have a good time.



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