From "Baby wrote me a Letter" to "Leave your Hat On" the Classic Cocker Show takes you on a journey through the life and music of the one and only Joe Cocker .

Al "Cocker" Roberts hails from Sheffield England , as does Joe Cocker, and has captured the unique voice of Joe Cocker. Add to this a rock-ography of Joe's life with quick one liners and the ups and downs of the music industry and you see more than just the man himself.

On a "Blood, Sweat and Tears" performance Al was asked to join them on stage. He was simply introduced as a special guest and as he walked on stage and began to sing the audience roared believing it was Joe Coker himself.

Classic Cocker has performed on the Mid-Day and Footy Show's with Bert Newton saying its so eerie just how close this is. Classic Cocker also performs yearly for the Cocker appreciation Society which has also been endorsed by Joe Cocker and his wife Pam.

Combined with a full band as only Joe Cocker would Classic Cocker will have you on your feet reliving those wild days of rock and roll with a show so close to the real thing you will believe you're watching and listening to the Great Joe Cocker!!

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