The Ciaks

Although the Ciaks have been around for 15 years they still prefer to be called " Up and comers" in the industry. 

This could be for  they are still  learning thier instruments, it could also be that when your at the bottom theres only one way to go.

However you describe them, one thing is for certain, they are at the Newcastle Blues Festival to impress the tone deaf and hearing impaired.

Those with perfect hearing please note that ear plugs will not be supplied at the venue.

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The Ciaks are a barely known famous country band. Bradly Bridges, Wayne Fontain, Dave McKormack and Alan 'Shooter' McGavin.

Their serious lack of musical talent forced them after many years of practice to become a fake band. Things have seriously taken off for them since taking on the roll of a fake country band. Live shows and hours of practice are a thing of the past. Now threre's only lies and fibs and it has made it a lot easier to achieve their musical goals.

There is no longer bad gigs, only fake good ones. Keep an eye out for them, they've got a daunting schedule, they'll be playing a fake venue near you.