The Ride Ons

Scientific studies prove that exposure to The RIDE ONS music releases naturally occurring ENDORPHINES (feel good chemicals) directly into the brain.

The effect is an instant feeling of positive energy and a heightened sense of well-being. Uncontrollable smiling and foot-tapping is a common side effect. These side effects are harmless.

 The bands involvements include Silverchair, The Sleepy Jackson and The Screaming Tribesmen and The Monarchs. From first song to last, the RIDE ONS set boasts a variety of influences including Country Rolling Stones, Gram Parsons (Byrds or Burrito Bros.), Alice Cooper and AC/DC !

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Print Media has said:

'A Sonic mixed bag of Sweets.''
Newcastle Post.  

'The RIDE ONS music could be the Soundtrack to a Texan Streetfight.'
Drum Media.
The Ride Ons are currently putting the finishing touches on their first full-length album. 'ROCKET TO RIDE' will be that album. This CD covers the range of music played by this power force of three Men. br />
ThTheir debut 6 - track E.P, 'The First Cut' (456 Records/MGM Distr.), displays the vast range of musical styles in the set. Recorded within two months of the bands' inception, the E.P's content shows that The RIDE ONS already had a concrete idea about their direction.

Their second 4-track E.P, 'CHEER SQUAD', was released on their own label in 2007, showcases The Ride Ons evolving styles.

Over the last two years their sound and songwriting have solidified into a musical meal that has a new flavour, but with a classic Rock 'N' Roll spice. Familiar but with something unbelievably great in the mix.

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