The Blues Bombers

From the backdrop of an industrial city emerges a fresh take on a classic sound. Newcastle four piece The Blues Bombers bring a dynamic approach to performing a style of rhythm & blues that incorporates aspects of rugged Delta swamp-blues through to early rock & roll and more modern roots & soul.

With each member bringing at least 20 years of performing experience to the stage, possessing a rugged edge and an attitude that marks their performance with an authenticity & credibility other acts can scarcely match, The Blues Bombers make an explosive impact on audiences of all ages.

The band rolls to the rhythm of Mick King’s bass and flows to his vocal stylings, while award winning guitarist Pete “Flash’ Sheady provides the licks. The smooth vocals of Josh ‘Fingers’ Callaway are beautiful, and all the more impressive because he plays keys, leaving Kerry Miller pounding away in the engine room and contributing harmonies. The Blues Bombers guarantee to tear up the dance floor, dropping an explosive repertoire incorporating classic tracks from the likes of BB King & Eddie Cochran as well as fresh original compositions.

Many victims have been claimed by a bombardment from The Blues Bombers – from unsuspecting punters who mistakenly wandered into the range only to have succumbed shell-shocked to the sound, to seasoned veterans who wanted to be challenged and who were left awe-struck at the sheer ability of the four bombardiers. Make no mistake. When the air-raid sounds, be prepared. No ego’s, pure showmanship: The Blues Bombers are the real deal.

Such is the promise of this act that they are about to embark on their first collective foray into touring and will shortly perform at The Hunter Valley’s Bimbadgen Blues Festival & The Great Southern Blues Festival in Narooma in September and will also take to the stage at Port Macquarie’s Festival of the Sun in December.

blues Bombers