Jim Finn

Jim began playing drums at age 5 in pipe band in Adelaide . Did first professional gig at 11 playing with father's ceili band (Irish folk music.)

Left Adelaide at 20 and ventured to Sydney with rock band `Stray Dogs'. Band Split after 12 months.

Jim moved to Perth for 18 months toured the West in a band called the Gunners, with Alan Roberts then owner of the Bondi Lifesaver.

Toured Northern Australia doing gigs and workshops, in remote areas and Aboriginal reserves, in northern territory .

Recorded single `Daddy's Cadillac' with `Undercovers'  (Gavin Hamilton the boy who shot Skippy and John Carlini) which was played on 2ws and nearly resulted in `Jonno and Danno' being kicked off air for playing music not on recommended play list.

Played for 2 years with Doug Williams's band.  

3 years with Bridie and the boogie kings. including Thredbo and  Narooma festival performances.Finn