Ghost Road

grGhost Road is an original band, pumping out their own style of roots music. They have been on the road for twelve years entertaining & wowing audiences with their distinctive original sound. You will go along way to find 4 musicians who blend their talents, and play as a band like they do. A solid tight outfit, the band constantly push the limits of their musicgr whilst consistently gigging and performing at festivals, hotels, clubs and resorts, creating the vibe that captures audiences of all ages. Ghost Road, for those who are not already familiar with the band, is comprised of brothers Steve and Beau Bennett ( singer/songwriters/guitarists ) along side Brody Yonnon (drums) and Ben Hardman ( bass ). The original music produced by this incredible 4 piece band is enough to make any Australian music fan proud. Contemporary “Roots based” songs that are “contagious” if not “seductive”. Ghost Road's music commands the attention of anybody in earshot.

# The band has performed three consecutive years in the Narrabeen Summerfest with an overwhelming response.

# Dates for other promotion in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle will be posted on www.ghostroad.com.au/shows

grgr# All music is original written by the band.

# Have performed on NBN television several times. ghost

# Songwriters live host Keith Armatage, regards them at his most creative group at his songwriters shows. Check out www.songwriterslive.com.au

# Have played on Doug Mullray’s www.thebasement.com internet radio show twice.

# Have had very successful tours at the snow fields for the past four seasons at Perisher Blue, Charlettes Pass and Thredbo.

# Greg Tucker from Noosa Radio regards the band as one of his best finds for the year.

# Have had two page write up in the Sunday Telegraph news paper.