Frankenbok have always made the world a better place to live through metal. Past tours have seen them support 8 foot Sativa, Skinlab and Fear Factory.

Akuma are one of the new kids on the Metal block.Soon to release there debut cd there hardcore attitude sees them cranking out there own brand of IN YOUR FACE Metal.Influenced by Sepultura,Megadeath and Slayer you can be certain of one thing"Absolute Carnage"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Words cannot describe the sheer verocity and stage presence of this power act.They have shared the stage with Dungeon-Daysend and veteran band Pungent Stench.Hailing from the East Coast of NSW there tour itinerary sees them cranking there way across the nation with an energy output likened to a Nuclear Power Plant.

From heavy percussion to melodic riffs jinn have proved they got what it takes to make an impact.Winners of the battle of the bands at the Mayfeild Hotel there energy and enthusiasm sees this power group quikley becoming the New Breed of Metal acts.

Winners of the Youth Rock Championships 04 there sound has come from such legends as AC/DC to Robert Plant and dare we say Mick Jagger.But dont be fooled by these estranged influences.There talent and style has seen them take on the critics and put them right back in the dark crevice they came from!!!!

F*%k these guys are loud.From power draining guitar riffs and super charged double kikker drum stunts its a wonder there heads havn't exploded yet.If you like to see a speaker system put to the test this is the band for you!!!

If speed has a name its Mischling.If melody has a face its Mischling .Grinding axe work and a vocalist whos mission is to see all wanna be's drivin to the bowls of hell! I could go on but for fear of being pounded just get to the gig and find out yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Alkhemika have proven without a doubt that you can mix your traditional instruments with high tech toys.There sound is likened to a blend of dirty riffs and Metal grinders with some sort of Alien device probing the never regions?!?


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