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mortal sin

Mortal Sin:
Forming in the mid 80's Mortal Sin quickly became Australias premier metal act. Their debut album "Mayhemic Destruction" won them an international record deal and rose their profile 10 fold.

1998 saw the band go their seperate ways to persue other interests but not before releasing a mini album of reworked songs and 2 new numbers.

2004 herald the call for a reformation and their first show back was filmed by Live Cast and released on DVD. They have been inducted to the Kerrang Australian Metal Awards hall of fame and have recently toured with Anthrax.


Pathogen are making the trek to Newcastle and are gonna hit the stage performing tracks from their latest album Bloodline.

For fans of this outstanding band from Perth were told that their classic track "Shallow" released in 2000 and played on JJJ has not met any foul editing and every piece of this 8 minute epic is intact and ready to rip!!

artenus dominion

Artenus Dominion are House of Steel favourites. Hailing from the central coast of N.S.W there never say die attitude has won them favour across the country.

Placed in the top 10 Music Oz Awards for Metal in 2004 it was in this year that they released "Semper Tyranis" and gave them the extra drive they needed.
Their latest album "Psychotic" is due for release in coming weeks.

black asylum Black Asylum creates original, power driven heavy metal music. Their self titled genre is “Molten Metal”- heavy but flowing and unrestrained. Influences of traditional heavy metal such as Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth are acknowledged in their sound and the band plays with a pure music brutality that has a melodic dynamic (Opeth) coupled with a raw feel (Slipknot). the very essence of heavy metal combined.

Amathyst are an all-girl heavy rock band from Newcastle, Australia who formed early in 2002.

The band mix influences such as Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Silverchair, Korn, Sevendust and The Used to achieve their unique, dark, Goth inspired sound, which has been described as 'a sultry, sensual sledgehammer.'

Since forming Amathyst have gained a loyal fan base here in Newcastle, winning themselves a local band comp in 2004 and have supported bands such as The Cops, Spazzys, Testeagles and Japunga.

horrowood manequins

Horrorwood Manequins made the MBM bill when an intuative fan contacted the office and said "You gotta listen to this demo it's fu*)#n awesome"

They hail from western Sydney and although only a new band by todays standards their in your face riffs and blood curdling vocals are a Metalheads wish come true.

If you like your music harder than the rock of Gibraltar the the Horrorwood Manequins are the band for you!!


Finite are a Novacastrian band with a difference. They breathe new life into a lagging hard rock genre. With influences ranging from Sunk Loto, The Butterfly Effect, Killswitch Engage and Superheist to name but a few, they constructively bring together the best of their influences to meld into their own brand of melodic hard rock.

Their music is rugged hard stuff that could virtually strip paint yet they aren't afraid of the subtleties of melodious music. They quite convincingly fuse the best of heavy and softer, more melodic rock into arguably the most aurally appealing music heard in a long time


Skura formed in 2004 when the boys left High School and realized their passion for all things metal.

Skura are an alternate metal band soon to make their mark in the world. Bringing forth a unique blend of chunky, hard-hitting riffs, solid drumming and intense vocals all tied together with an insane use of time signatures.


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