Introducing the newest Emo/Nu Metal outfit Bunson , and they are ready to rock you!

Based in Newcastle Australia, this three piece will take you on a music journey with their encapsulating whispers and their melodic roars. Bunson's stage presence keeps audiences enthralled with their quirky stage set up and their highly vigorous stage antics, creating a spectacular visual feast for every viewer.

Bunson have quite an impressive resume for such a new band supporting names such as the Screaming Jets, Machine Gun Fellatio, Lo-Tel, On Inc, Testeagles and The Sick Puppies.

The United States of America has taken to this new Aussie rock outfit very well, with the band having regular airplay on many radio stations throughout the country, reaching #9 in Milwaukee and Buffalo for 8 weeks, and remaining on high rotation in Southern California and New York.

Channel 10's network music program ‘Ground Zero' loved Bunson so much the band were asked to host an Internet chat creating one of the best responses for these ventures ever with thousands of downloads of Bunson's film clip, with many remaining in close contact with the band today through their website.

Telecommunication company “KOOEE” also loved the band so much that after seeing their stage performance they decided to incorporate them into their advertising campaign.

The Bunson sound is a cocktail of flavours, all with their own twist. A dash of Incubus, a slurp of Sunk Loto, dollop of Lost Prophets, Glass Jaw and Taproot with just a splash of Silverchair, mixed together with a good dose of emotional torment and you have the tasty makings of the fresh new sound of Bunson.