Daylight Robbery


Formed in early 2004 with the soul objective of bringing back Rock N' Roll, the band sharing the same feeling about modern music and vowing to bring back the rockin' days of old!

Fronted by the always strutting Toby Bull who brings an exciting tourniquet to the glam rockers with his Bon Scott Style of voice, Mick Jagger struts and even out pitching Robert plants when the songs need it, only a vocalist this extreme has the right to where leather!

The lad only known as EMAN makes up one half of the scorching solo's pair as he shreds on his KKV with his playing screaming Hendrix, Steve Vai and Kerry King, an always sarcastic attitude and an always grinding guitar lick is a man never too scared to bust open his gums!

The metal head of the group is finger style bass player Blair Newham – strongly influenced by Cliff Burton (R.I.P), Steve Harris and Geezer Butler he brings some slighter faster ideas to the band noticeable in the solo riffs for “Livin' In A Dream” and “Rock N' Roll Warriors.” “…Music's all about diggin' up its roots!”

Mitch Byron completes the axe line up with his simply diabolical Peavey Wolfgang: his siren sounding solos and Zack Wylde cries of pain continue to add the cutting textural edge to Daylight Robbery's sound. With Blues and Rock N' Roll in your blood you can never hit a wrong note, never a sore neck too many!

And then there's the drummer: the loving life for it's a roller coaster attitude of Corey Newham ads an up and down feel to the group with Dave Lombardo and Peter Criss written all over his playing, the cool cat trend setter is the icing on the cake for a “tongue in check rock group”…Allan Smith

The band's first ever original “We Need Lightning” written by B. Newham is a showpiece of 80's rock e.g. ZZ Top, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones and wooed the Youth Rock judges and has since become a hit opener for the Steel City Rockers.

With albums, videos and tours around the corner who knows what big things to expect next for the Youth Rock 04 champions.

“…Cos were Rock.”