Sweetness And Light, darkness and spite, these are the musical and lyrical theme's that run through the songs of this three-piece rock band.

Critics and fans alike have likened their infectious grooves and bittersweet melodies to an incestuous brew of STP SFK XTC and U2 but with an element essential to any self-respecting band Originality.

The Hazy Jaynes is Mr Anderson on vocals and bass, Ben Briscoe on Drums and Max on Guitar. They have, in the last Two and half Years, shared the stage and CD space with the likes of The Sleepy Jackson, The Panics, Pacifier, Rhubarb and Blue Bottle Kiss. They have also scored 2 number ones in the Australian MP3 Rock Charts and were nominated for best Rock Song in the Local ABC Music Awards.

All this however is merely practice for what the guys hope to achieve with their latest recording (Due March 2005), which will without doubt define The Hazy Jaynes Sound.