Heading into 2005, Sleight of Hand is an exciting movement to be a part of. With a growing local awareness and a recent introduction interstate whilst adding to their extensive catalogue of material, the year which SOH feels it will make its biggest impact is upon us.


Now that the current line-up has finally settled in and the break giving us a chance to refuel the tank, motivation is at its peak to take the stage and sweat it out for audiences once more for 2005.


For those of you who aren't familiar with SOH, the band formed late '99 with a passion and common love for music with heavy grooves, churning melodies and potent dynamics. We continue to push ourselves into new directions that create the movement that we strive to reach for not only in our music but also in our lives.


The members of the band have a strong dedication to the SOH cause and this is clearly evident in many energetic live performances and an intense focus to writing, rehearsing and promotion.


For those of you who are familiar with SOH, we thank you for your love and continued support as we enter into the new year and anticipate moving forward with you getting behind us and providing that added push into the future.


Benj Axwel

December 04