Once upon a time there was a humble friendship that existed between three boys who liked music. Their names were Sean, Lee and Steve. They liked music so much that they began a crappy band and played crappy music. Despite their crappiness, they practised every day after school and dreamed of becoming rock stars, and one day supporting Jon Bon Jovi or Guns N' Roses.

They called themselves Pyromania. Because they practised so often, their music slowly became good instead of crappy, but something was missing.

One day Steve met a shy boy named John at St John's Ambulance and as soon as they met they knew they would be best buds, pals, and friends to the very bitter end. John also liked music, but unfortunately was crappy. But, he, like the members of Pyromania, had a dream.

He too dreamed of becoming a rock star.

Sean, Lee and Steve all agreed on taking the newcomer on board. They all agreed that together their dream of not being crappy and one day being good would be closer to their reach if they had another ego.

In 1999, they became Made Ezy, and their alliance lasted for 3 years.

In those wonderful 3 years, they played talent quests, school gigs and anything but clubs and pubs! Yea, they were under age. As a matter of history and tasteful delight, their first gig was played at John's 18th birthday party. Some of them even drank booze.

Lee played the keyboard, and was crappy.

Made Ezy eventually broke up after their long, hard road to stardom, and didn't really do anything for a few months. They were like a bottle of flat lemonade.

Diet lemonade.

Introducing Ryan, the cousin of John and the new guitarist!

Ryan also liked music and one day wanted to be a rock star, although he was crappy, but not as crappy as Lee's keyboards.

In April of 2003 Sean, Lee, Steve and John welcomed Ryan to their circle of musical interest. They became Foolproof, and their first gig was played at the Goat's festival, at Northlakes High School.

For almost a year and a half Foolproof developed from crappy to good, and slowly from good to better than good.

They played in pubs across Newcastle, clubs in Sydney, youth centres on the Central Coast, and anywhere that would have them (there was a lot of places).

By August of 2004 they had recorded their first E.P., and they were great!

What is in a name?

I'll tell you: copyright. There was another Foolproof overseas and they felt that they'd best change their name sooner rather than later, when they may face a law suit or the struggle of having to build their name once more from scratch.

They became This Shotgun Kiss.

This Shotgun Kiss recently recorded "Angels", set be featured on their DVD coming out later, after their E.P., which is due to hit the stores on the 25th of October.

They were becoming rock stars and one day maybe, just maybe, they will support Jon Bon Jovi...

...And they lived happily ever after.

Here's the deal

This Shotgun Kiss are a hardcore band. They are not afraid to mix noticeable elements such as metal, rock, punk, emo and pop together. But beware as the mood can switch from as hard as it gets to quite soft in the blink of an eye.

This Shotgun Kiss have been putting their love of different styles and tastes together to create a blend of songs that are sure to please.

This Shotgun Kiss strength lies not only in the brutal yet melodic tunes they write, but also in an impressive live show full of energy and intensity, as well as plenty of laughs.

This Shotgun Kiss are:


Lead Vocals, Guitar, Screams


Guitar,Backing Vocals


Bass, Backing Vocals

LEE (Sweat monster) ROBINSON Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

SEAN (Sean-ass) TAYLOR Drums, Samples, Percussion

Described by some as angry, catchy and fun, This Shotgun Kiss are recommended for fans of:
Thursday, Thrice, From Autumn To Ashes, The Used, Lostprophets, Glassjaw and Poison the Well.

© 2004 This Shotgun Kiss