Bad Disguise

Bad Disguise is not a very good band. Formed about 2 weeks ago, the four boys quickly made and learnt their prospective instruments so they could put the punk back in "punk 'n' grind". Blending beats in excess of 220bmp, melodies in the key of G and A, and songs that last about 1 minute and 30 seconds, these boys could very well keep you mildly entertained for a short period that is their time slot. People have been known to make such comments as "that was alright" and "I am mildly entertained", which are good a reasons as any to catch these guys at any (if any) show they play. MEMBERS: MIKE THE 'DAL' DALLINGER (guitar,vocals) ADAM 'ROSSY ROSKA' ROSKO(bass, sideburns) JONNO 'MC COOL' BRAY (drums, cheap bourben) KYE SUCKS (himself)