Capt'n My Capt'n

Not content with being just another hardcore band CMC have gone about writing songs in their own way without caring about what "critics" think. From Newcastle and heavily influenced by their punk roots CMC seem to play endlessly. Influenced by bands from Minor Threat to Sick Of It All, Good Riddance to Kid Dynamite and R.A.M.B.O. and so on. In a time when your judged by what you look like rather than your sound they try to cause a stir with socially and politically aware lyrics and music thats just fast enough to get your blood rushing. Haven't had alot of exposure support wise with just supporting THE EXPLOSION in thier time together but put it down as one of their favorite shows to date. The line up consists of original members Dan Schofield (drums) and Guy Nean (vocals), guitarist Rohan Bell and Chad Parker and new bassist Andrew Fefoglia. Line up changes have hampered CMC over the few years but refuses to let it keep them down. CMC plan to take on most of Australia this year and will play near you at some stage so make sure you check them out and take time to read into what they're about.

Releases to date include:

Capt'n My Capt'n / Drifting Over Brooklyn split
Capt'n My Capt'n - Lest We Regret EP
Newcastle Hardcore Compilation: 2 tracks