Chaos 69

Chaos 69 are a very handsome bunch of gentlemen indeed. Men want to be them and women want to be with them! They live in a mundane world where they eat steak and drink beer for fun.

Donny Anarchy (Drums & Vocals) is probably the shortest member of the band. What he lacks in size though, he makes up for in determination and moxy.

Shabby (Bass & Vocals) lives by the motto, "Here's my cock! Come and get it!" His influeneces include Ouzo and beer and he loves impregnating people.

Philfy Chaos (Guitar & Vocals) is the elder statesman of the band. If he's not supporting a local charity, he's supporting a nasty alcohol addiction.

Humpy (Guitar & Vocals) Is big in Europe.. in fact he's big no matter where he goes. His hobbies include swearing and masturbation.

Chaos 69 play a mixture of tones, harmonies and rhythms to produce what is commonly referred to as music... usually in the Punk / Heavy music genre. They regularly use the E and G chords but have been known to throw in a sharp or diminshed minor for good measure.

Writing bio's really shit's them off. They will often pass the responsibility of writing a bio around the entire band hoping that the promoters who are asking for it will forget they asked for one in the first place.

For more info ring Donny cause, and he will tell you this himself, Chaos 69 is his fucking band! He only tells people to ring Humpy when he couldn't be fucked.