Sharnee Fenwick

Stepping onto her first stage at the tender age of 8 years to sing “Under The Influence Of Love”, a favourite by Buck Owens, the ensuing years have seen Sharnee singing and performing on many stages and singing songs from several genre's.

Discovering, in 2001, that she has a passion for Country music has allowed Sharnee to find her feet and come into her own. Vocally, Sharnee has a good range with lovely deep registers and a special ‘down-from-the-mountain' timbre, which is ideally suited to Country music. Being a regular performer at the Horseshoe Bend Roundup, held weekly at the Hexham Bowling Club, has allowed Sharnee to gain invaluable experience by performing to a live audience and working with many different musicians and artists. As a much sought after performer for many charity events Sharnee has happily appeared at concerts raising money and/or awareness for varied causes ie “Carols for Kokoda”, “Westpac Helicopter Service”, “Chippin' In For Opal FM”.

Although still young Sharnee has already been heralded as an artist on the rise. Some of the highlights of her career to date have been:
· Being a graduate, in both 2004 & 2005, of the prestigious Tamworth Camerata Music College
· Proudly owning a Tomkins guitar and performing in several “Tomkins Showcases” in Sydney and Tamworth .
· Being interviewed, for the TV program Message Stick, during the 2005 Tamworth Festival in her role as an indigenous woman involved in Country music.

Over the years Sharnee has been proud to perform on the same stage as some of the leading Australian artists, who have been: Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffries, Felicity Urquhart, Matt Frost, The Baileys, Rod Esam, Travis Collins, Natalie Howard, Stuart French, Steve Forde and The Flange, 2004 Pop Stars runner up Miranda Murphy, Phil Emmanuel, The Feral Swing Katz, Bruce McCumstie, Rob Wilson, Lisa White, Alby Pool, Donella Plane. Also, James Dean Hicks, the amazing American Country music singer/songwriter. Sharnee has now found her heart and main focus is set on song writing as she has discovered a true love and feel for this highly individual talent. Recently Sharnee had the honour of writing with acclaimed songwriters Glen Hannah, Tamara Stewart and, from the Bushwackers, Roger Corbett. With a vibrant, fun-loving personality and her quick wit, Sharnee is very much a “people person” who can connect with audiences of all ages and from differing walks of life. This is evident in her relaxed and confident performances which leave the audiences clamouring for more. With the release of her self-titled EP, the future is looking bright and exciting for Sharnee & with hopes for a career in the Country music industry, both nationally and internationally, Sharnee is hoping to travel to Nashville in 2006 to further her experience and gain more insight into the industry.