Detroit Blues, The People the Places and the History Howard Glazer

By Howard Glazer

Blues is a way of Life


            What is the Blues?

                        Traditional 12 bar form

                        Variations from the traditional form

                        Rhythm styles

                        Roles of the accompanying musicians


            Detroit History


                        Hasting Street and other blues hotspots

                        The Blues evolves into other
styles (ex. Motown, jazz, R&R)


Detroit Bluesmen, their style and approaches

                        The Players

                        The Originators

                                    John Lee Hooker and the Boogie

                                    Lazy Lester and the Swamp Blues

                                    Emanuel Young and the 50’s flair

                                    Willie D. Warren the birth of electric blues bass

                                    Alberta Adams            Detroit Blues Matriarch


                        Contemporary Detroit Blues

                                    Jim McCarty and Rocking Blues

                                    Thornetta Davis          Gospel Blues Queen

                                    Bobby Murray             Etta James right hand man

                                    Betty Levette              R&B Diva

                                    Chris Canus                 Young R&B Blues Rocker


Indiana phonex harmonica workshop Indiana Phoenix Harmonica Workshop
By Indiana Pheonix

Origin and history, china to Europe and beyond.
Bushman, Weiss and Hohner, the early 19th century.
From Little Walter and his friends to today.
Playing techniques; tongue block and pucker.
Cross harp the universal playing position.
Some basic riffs; Boogie, I’m a man and Bo Didley.
Amplification and modern equipment.