PA Hire

Spellbound Have a series of P.A. combinations available, listed here are some of the
more common requests for systems

PA 1


2x TR series JBL speakers (300w each) [600w total]
2x EV wedge speakers (300w each) [600w total]

1x Brick Yamaha 6ch powered mixer
- with echo/reverb effects
- Aux and TR input/outputs
- duel 7 band EQ
1 x CD Player

2x par 56 lights

Microphones to suit

PA 2

2 x Carlsborough 4way Bin (300w each) [600w total]
2 x EV wedge speakers (300w each) [600w total]
1 x 1200w Amp - Carlsborough amplifier

8ch Mixer - Spirit Soundcraft (stereo)
 - 3 Aux, Insert capabilities
1 x Duel 30 band EQ
1 x Digital delay
1 x CD player
1 x Mini Disc Player

2 x Par 56 lights
2 x Colour changers
1 x Smoke machine

Microphones to suit
- includes Audix D6 kick microphone

PA 3

4 x MP225 sub cabinets JBL (800w each) [1600w total]
4 x P700 amplifiers peak (2000w each)
4 x JBL eon (400w each) (800w total)
4 x JRX 125 Duel 15 and horn (1000 watt each)

Allen and  Heath mixer
- mix wizard (16 channel) - on board effects

1 x Ross RX-31M 30 band EQ (FOH)
1 x Ross RX-15S Duel 15 band EQ (file back)
1 x Digitech DSP128 Delay system
1 x Behringer DCX2496 Reverb System
1 x SoundTech ST2000L
 - Compressor/ limiter/ crossover (ultra curve) DCX2496
1 x CD/DVD player Sony
1 x Multicore 16 channel (file back loop available)

Microphones to suit

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